Friday, July 19, 2013

RAMBLES; How many nail polishes is too many?

Sorry about my absence! I have been sick (stupid Winter!!) and am a very lazy blogger.

Recently I bought some nail wheels for fun so that I can reference back to the colours I own... and choose which one I want to use when I am being picky.
I started painting the nails on the wheels, taking me around 2 hours, and realised I had a lot of nail polishes.

OVER 80 POLISHES! That's why I am asking this question, how many is too many?

I know there are people with 100's of bottles and some with a very small collection. I was shocked I have that I have so many, surely I don't need 6 different types of Coral polish in different finishes?

Considering I paint my nails once a week I have enough for 2 years worth and I am sure I have had some for over 2 years (I hear that's when you should chuck them... or is it 1??). Yet this doesn't stop me from buying more! I bought 3 new bottles just yesterday!

Maybe it is just the hoarder in me (and many many other girls out there) but I NEED those 4 multi-coloured glitter polishes...  What do you think?

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  1. No, that's not too many!!! And yes you do need 6 types of coral :D